The time for a real bonking has come! Prepare your bonking sticks and get to bonking you silly bonker. 


5% Reflections

5% of all transactions are reflected back to holders. The longer you hold the bigger your $HOBO sack gets.

Contract Renounced
Liquidity Locked

5% Liquidity

5% of each sell transaction is automatically added back into the liquidity pool. This is essential for any tradeable asset especially crypto tokens!



Q4 2021
Merger with JPM and Dow Chemical. Elon Musk paid tweets and poocoin ads. Amazon will allocate 10% of their cash reserves to pumping HOBO with the intention of ending world poverty.

Q1 2022
HOBO holders will throw waterballoons full of champagne out of limousine windows at wall street investment bankers + Metaverse integrations. Become the #1 cryptocurrency by market cap.

Q2 2022
As the worlds population grows thanks to economic prosperity and our holders reach 100,000,000.000, the HOBO team will release the secrets of Area 51 and bring justice to our alien brothers and sisters.

Q3 2022
HONK NFT’s are released (it’s a little clown with a honk thing and a bat)

Q4 2022
All HOBO holders take a group trip to the zoo or a waterpark (the community will be able to vote on it in telegram).


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